Customer Relationship management

Clinnovo has very good experience in building CRM system, our CRM practice group has experience to improving sales-force automation and call-center efficiency, to enabling more timely and relevant interactions with your customers. Our expertise in implementing and customizing following system brings to deliver high-quality, end-to-end solutions to elevate your customers’ experiences.

Sales Force:
Sales Force has proven to be a consistent, user-friendly, stable and secure method of managing leads for companies worldwide. Clinnovo recommends this product for any company looking to interact with sales people remotely or onsite. We can develop integration applications like:

  1. PBX Integration – PBX systems are responsible for managing all the communications for a business. Clinnovo can develop or integrate existing technologies
  2. Custom Reporting
    1. Time Tracking
    2. Inventory Management
    3. QuickBooks Integration

Sugar CRM:
This is an open source product and can be used by companies in need of a Sales Force – type of system, but may not have the resources to pay per license costs. Sugar CRM is built on the PHP and Postgre Sql database model, and Clinnovo can construct applications centered on this technology