Application Maintenance

Application Management is a core competence at Technigally, and maintenance services cover applications developed across different platforms and business domains. Maintenance services include flow modification, ticket handling, training, change management, security and system upgrades. Our dedicated team of maintenance engineers works 24/7, and are committed and experienced.

To support your growing repertoire of business critical applications that need maintenance Technigally provides the following services:

Feature Upgrades: By supporting seamless feature upgrades and enhancements we give the best customer experience and keep business critical applications running as always

Bug Fixes: We will handle trouble tickets from your application users and ensure appropriate bug fixes are in place to build ROI and customer experience.

Application Testing: We offer regression testing and performance monitoring of your application and any feature upgrades

End User Support: We offer both 1st and 2nd line support and detailed technical assistance, answer questions and manage the resolution of problems.

Revision control: We offer comprehensive revision and version control services to manage your source code, bug fixes and any enhancements

Application Migration: Technigally helps port your application code and modules to new platforms and user interfaces such as tablets and mobile applications.