Buying and selling on the web has been a staple in the web community since the advent of the Internet. Creating a successful e-commerce website requires a combined approach utilizing market analysis, business analysis, web design and effective web marketing strategies. Clinnovo combines is experience of each one of these markets to bring your e-commerce website to life, creating marketability and profitability for your organization.

Our expertise on following items will bring best classic Ecommerce application to your Business.

 Database Driven Web Site/Web Store
 Front- and Back-Office Integration
 EBay, QuickBooks, UPS, DHL and Social Media Integrations
 Credit Card Processing, PayPal, etc..
 Affiliate Marketing
 Customer Acquisition
 Customer, Partner Self-Service
 Web Site Analytics

The following Shopping carts are all constructed on the PHP Development language, each possessing unique features. Clinnovo has customized and built solutions from the ground up for each of these shopping-cart types:

 os Commerce