Hybrid App

If you are not able to do an android app using android code use hybrid apps with your own code:

Native App:
Native application is a program or software which has been developed to performed some specific tasts on particular environment. Native applications using certain frameworks, hardware platform or operating systems (particularly). Like Android app built using java development kit on java platform, iOS app build using iOS SDK, swift and objective c. Similarly, .NET requried for windows platform.

Hybrid App:
Hybrid app can be build in any platform from singe code base. Hybrid apps, that we can able to built using web technologies like HTML,CSS and Javascript whereas the native apps that built with some specific technologies and some specific platforms like Java for Android , Swift for iOS.

Advantages of using hybrid apps:

  • The performance will be high
  • It supports for multiple platforms
  • Without any problem it will easily integrates with the other apps
  • Low cost with ease of development
  • We will get native experience with simple backend
Frameworks for Hybrid App Development:
Cordova is an open-source mobile development framework. Cordova Plugin helps to access device features. It allows to use standard web technologies for cross-platform development. Applications execute within wrappers targeted to each platform.
Ionic is the app platform for web developers. We can build amazing mobile, web, and desktop apps all with one shared code base and open web standards. It uses Cordova behind the scene.

Softwares needed for cordova Framework

Download and install Node.js. Install the cordova module using npm utility of Node.js. The cordova module will automatically be downloaded by the npm utility.
c:\>npm install -g cordova